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Our Company is engaged in manufacturing of Camphor Tablets for the past 40 years. The Company was started in the year 1974 and there after in the year 1995, the Company had incorporated in the name of "S.S.CAMPHOR PVT. LTD.," registered under the Companies Act, 1956. Our Managing Director Mr.Rameshlal Siroya is highly qualified and experienced person in this field since 1974 & included three Directors namely, Mr.Arvind Kumar Siroya, MBA, is an experienced person since 11 years & Mrs.Dhanwanti Devi Siroya and Mrs.Harshna Siroya, B.Com, Director joined our Company.

Our Company manufactures Camphor Tablets - in different shape and size and in attractive packing like Cartons, Laminated Pouches, P.P.Bags, Plastic Containers.Our 'SWASTIK brand' and 'S.S.brand' is very popular and recongnised by our valued customers throughout South India for the past 40 years. Today we have well equipped Plant & Machinery, engaged in the process of manufacturing of Camphor Tablets and we supply the same within stipulated time after execution of order. Our Camphor Tablets are pure made out of Camphor Powder of high quality. We have control on quality at every stage of processing & production.

Now, we have started other allied products in our popular 'SWASTIK brand' - Instant Sambrani, Katti Sambrani/Loban, Dhoopbathi and we have another brand by name 'LOTUS brand' in which, we manufacture Sugandha Pooja Tablets/powder and Pachai Karpooram & marketing the same to our existing  wholesaler & distributor outlets. We are expanding our allied product market in large scale shortly throughout India. Our 'S.S brand' is now very popular in Andhra Pradesh. Since our Camphor Tablets have already earned the reputation of customer in quality, we are getting very good response from our valued customers for our new allied products. We have number of wholesaler & distributor for marketing our products. At last but not the least we introduce ourselves as a reputed manufacturer of Camphor Tablets & Allied Products for Pooja in South India.

Camphor is considered to be a religious oriented product. It is considered as an integral part of the Hindu religious sentiment. In all Hindu temples, the almighty is worshipped by lighting Camphor before God. Hindus believe that on lighting Camphor, a sacred light is formed and this light purifies the feeling and throws away the darkness in the mind & life of the people. Camphor is a symbol of purity and divinity for Hindus. Camphor Tablets are exclusively for use in Pooja & Aarti purpose only. To get the divine grace of God and to make your atmosphere pleasant, for mental peace and satisfaction, always use 'SWASTIK brand' & 'S.S.brand' Camphor Tablets for your daily Pooja at homes and temples.